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Do You Want to Grow Your Blog and Make Money? Give Something for Free

The Art of Blogging

Some might say that we live in a world of free entertainment and information. Ads are supposed to finance everyone’s needs. Somehow.

To make matters worse, there isn’t a single day that goes by without a e-book, video, or podcast being released for free. Products that offer the kind of content that a lot of people would pay quite a lot for.

You’d think that income from blogging would be shrinking in the face of all this free information, but it keeps getting stronger. How can that be?

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Exploring Your Craft: Notes from Writers at the Top of Their Game


At our sister site, Longreads, we don’t just publish and curate excellent original longform writing — we also spend time talking to writers, interviewing them to dig more deeply into particular facets of their stories and to learn more about their writing process.

Their interviews are educational and motivating — like a master class in brief — that show us the range of ways writers approach their craft. Here are some inspiring tidbits from a few recent interviews that will help you overcome any of your own doubts and frustrations when faced with a blank page.

Want a full master class? Take a look at the Chekhov-Saunders Humanity Kit, created by writer Maria Bustillos after sitting in on an MFA class with George Saunders at Syracuse University.

On writing dreams…

But when it comes to the seed of the book, or being called to write about it, that happened…

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Read Poem: Oh Summer! Don’t Leave Me by Lateefah16

Good news Pros!!!!! My poem is featured on Festival for Poetry. Head on over there and check out the other amazing poems and poets.

POETRY FESTIVAL. Submit to site for FREE. Submit for actor performance. Submit poem to be made into film.

I’m going to miss your warm days
that filled me with iced tea
I wish you weren’t leaving
handing me over to fall with ease
dark clouds with hints of mint and harvest trees
dances and festivals to commence its release

I’m going to miss your calm lakes and strong waves
that brought me to the beach countless days
the steaming rays of your sun
tanning me brown
no matter the linen I wear

I’m going to miss the smell of your wild roses
sunny daisies, red tulips, pink lilies
the touch of each crisp oak bark
maple rich and fresh like from the stars
don’t get me started on your summer nights
lit to my fearless heart’s delight
engulfed with striking possibilities
Hershey’s kisses and skinny dipping
peach ice cream that have me licking

I’m going to miss each endless moment wrapped together
sipping margaritas and martinis

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It’s Shocking! The Real Reasons Why Writers Quit

Want to know something

The writing world is hard!!

It’s the horrible truth that no one wants to tell yet they want you guys to be successful bloggers or even New York’s next best-selling author.

Lemme tell you the whole story

The real reasons why everyday bloggers and writers quit

1. Procrastination 

It’s the most common reason why some writers get over-whelmed and completely stop writing

However there is an upside to procrastination.

Can it be used as a deadline cheerleader?


Since most people would work better under pressure with a timeline it is better to plan your schedule so that your final chapter or post time is closer to your deadline

Although, for some this method may not work since they crumble under high level of stress

If this is you



Set a schedule so that you can give yourself enough time to complete your work with extra time to proofread and publish

Want to know more about this read my article on the truth about smart writing and it’ll give you the inside scope you need to write smarter.

2. Too many distractions

It’s obvious this one speaks for itself.

The phones, tablets, computers, social media on your phones LOL!

This may sound funny but those are some of the core distractions that cause some writers to fall behind and never submit that manuscript

or even for bloggers

they never make it past the first blog post

Every road to success leads a different path and maybe for you distractions or loud noises help you work better

Weird but it works for some y’all (no discrimination here)

Then there are some of us that need the stillness of the night or early mornings to work better.

Or even those that need music to help the creative juices to flow better.

Anything that will help to ease your mind works wonders.





I forgot to mention those desktop apps that always pop up

Allowing you to sneak-a-peak of your social profiles or emails

Don’t think we can’t see you


Don’t be overwhelmed by these distractions overcome them

3. Never asking for help

Now I understand that as a writer you want to be independent and make a name for self

Yes! and even set your solo brand

But asking for guest bloggers and editors every now and then isn’t such a bad thing

As I said the road to success leads different paths so you can still do these things and be successful in the end

Since you determine where success begins and ends.

So drop a link to your website and niche on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram asking for guest bloggers

Trust me you’ll see wondrous results

I’ve recently heard about virtual assistants but I’m not so sure how well this works

Leave your experiences and thoughts in the comments



I am opening the door of the Pros to guest bloggers for this website. You can send your article and details to this email for further information.

4. Forgetting why you started 

After blogging and writing different articles year after year its common for seasoned writers to forget their purpose.

It’s important at this point to re-evaluate your purpose

Shifting your focus back to your initial mission that would you have set when you first started.

Going back to the basics

Like reading your old books and blog posts. This helps to bring new ideas and help you find your lost mojo

Remember this is not for your audience

It’s so that you can continue to please them. Since the most important part of blogging is the audience.

Soon I’ll have an article on that as well.

Off to the more dreadful ones

5. Consumed with writer’s block

It’s always everyone’s belief that without finding inspiration and fresh ideas there is no way to overcome your writer’s block

But I say NO!

You need to realize that the only thing blocking you is YOU

If you realize the way you normally come up with your grand ideas aren’t working then try something else

I’m trying not to sound harsh y’all

Use writer’s block as your chance at redemption and creating the world’s next best seller or most engaged blog

Here are my tips to overcoming writer’s block

  • Write every day just a little about anything that comes to mind even if you’re babbling about your own life or even trees and pirates!
  • Stop making excuses and use procrastination as a force to push you
  • Reading books and watching TV wont write your manuscript
  • Stop reading articles on how to overcome writer’s block (haha keep reading this post tho)
  • Change the environment you normally work in

Yuh know I think you all need a change of pace

Here’s an article by my good friend Jeff that will give you all in dept points to overcoming writer’s block. He even gives you a fail-proof solution to ending your block that has proven great success even when I thought I had a dreadful writers block.

6. You set goals when you should be setting schedules

Setting goals is important but not reaching them is meaningless

You do remember that we can’t predict the future right?

Nope we are just in-charge on the immediate things that happen

So its most important to set a schedule rather than some standard/ goal that’s nearly impossible to reach.

Start by a normal routine everyday then after following it for a while you’ll realize your process wins rather than some goal

Caz imagine if you set a goal then you don’t achieve it you’ll definitely feel like some failure who couldn’t do what you set out to do

Y’all know that’s no easy burden to carry

Been there, done that, not gonna let you go there tho

So here’s what you’ll do

  1. Set a schedule that includes all the things you need to do every day (including blogging or writing)
  2. Follow that routine for 21 days
  3. Come back here and tell me what happened (You may be surprised on day 22!)

Hoping that you’ve taken a lot from this article and even if you were close to quitting

Don’t quit!

Use this article as a map of things not to do

P.S. Don’t forget guest blogging submissions are open on this page also like and share our facebook page for the latest updates.